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How the New Prosecutor General Alexandr Stoianoglo Sees the Future Communication with the Media

02 December 2019
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The Prosecutor General Alexandr Stoianoglo argues that he advocates for the openness of prosecution bodies in the communication with the media and civil society. As a candidate for this position, he stated this during the interview, held before the members of the Superior Council of Prosecutors (SCP)  Although, according to the SCP Regulation, the video or audio recordings should appear on the official website of the institution immediately after the last interview, they became accessible to the public the next day, on 29 November. The SCP representatives explained that this occured due to technical reasons.

During the interview, the SCP member Dumitru Pulbere, asked the candidate Stoianoglo about his vision regarding the prosecutor general’s collaboration with the media. Alexandr Stoianoglo stated that he advocated the openness of prosecution bodies and disclosing the necessary information, especially in case of resonant court cases. In his opinion, the media, as well as the society through the media, must be informed about the activity of the Prosecutor’s Office.

Stoianoglo added that he wants ‘a close collaboration with both the media and civil society’, because that is how Prosecutor’s Office will gain the confidence in the society. As regards the phone wiretaps, he mentioned that they should be carried out only in cases of exceptionally severe crimes.

The Law on the Prosecutor’s Office stipulates that the organisation and conduct of the contest for the election of the general prosecutor are set by a regulation approved by SCP. At the same time, the law mentions that stages of interview should be broadcast live online, and SCP should ensure the media representatives’ access to the meeting during which the interview takes place.

The SCP Regulation on selecting candidates to the position of the prosecutor general, stipulates that principle of transparency must be respected while interviewing candidates. ‘Interviews are recorded by audio/video means, and recordings are to be published on the official SCP website immediately after the last interview’, the point 19 of the SCP Regulation states.

However, on the day of interviews with the candidates for the position of the Prosecutor General, the media was allowed to participate only in the first part of the selection process, when all four candidates were presented and informed about the conduct of the interview. Subsequently, the SCP Chairman Angela Motuzoc announced that this interview will not involve the media. Video recordings of the interviews were made accessible on 29 November, the day after the interview.

The head of the Service of Protocol, International and Public Relationships of SCP, Eugeniu Rosca, explained to Media-azi that the interviews of 28 November were published in the first half of day of 29 November, due to technical reasons. Rosca explained that video recordings had to be processed, edited and only afterwards uploaded to the web platform. ‘This technical procedure takes time’, Rosca told us.

It should be mentioned that SCP appointed Alexandr Stoianoglo as prosecutor general on November 28. His candidature was submitted to the president for approval, and Igor Dodon signed the appointment decree the next day, on 30 November. According to the scores earned at the interview, Vladislav Gribincea ranked second, Veaceslav Soltan was third and Oleg Crasmaru ranked last.