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High-school students from Sângerei, trained in a media literacy lesson

03 October 2014
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31 students of Mihai Eminescu high-school from Sangerei have participated in a media literacy lesson, organized on October 1 by the Independent Journalism Center (IJC) and moderated by the Radio Free Europe journalist, Diana Raileanu.
The high-school students have been informed about how professional news should be, and how sometimes media tries to manipulate the society. ”If the news offers the information coming from a single source, it most probably means that this news serves particular interests. Especially when it talks about a conflict, always doubt the news and ask yourself the question: is it really like this?”,journalist Diana Raileanu has recommended to the students.
The young people, at their turn, noted that many times, the same event is covered differently by the media sources; therefore it is difficult for them to figure out which the truth is. In this regard, the moderator explained that the own discernment of the media consumers is extremely important. People have to inform themselves from multiple sources and to recognize the quality of journalistic content. A very important factor is the presence of the author’s signature, which indicates a higher level of responsibility towards the given information. If the news is not signed, there are big chances that it is invented.
The students from Sangerei were curious about the topic and mentioned that this kind of activities are very useful. ”I learned how to filter the information that I read daily. I haven’t thought before of whether a news is correct or not, but now I can and I hope I will manage to better understand the media articles”, said Ana Guzun, Xth grade.
Her classmate, Adrian Porcescu, mentioned that ”this lesson was very useful because in the future we will know how to deal with different situations. We will constantly use the information that we learned today”.
The event took place as part of the project “Promoting media literacy among Moldovan citizens”, implemented by the IJC between March 2014 and April 2015 with the financial support of the US Embassy in Moldova.