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During ten days BC will monitor 24/7 the Public Channels Moldova 1, Moldova 2 and TV Channels Affiliated to Vlad Plahotniuc – Prime and Canal 2

26 September 2019
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The Broadcasting Council (BC) will monitor only six audiovisual media service providers in the current election campaign – Moldova 1, Moldova 2, Prime TV, Canal 2 TV channels and Radio Moldova and Radio Moldova Youth radio stations. The chair of BC Dragos Vicol stated this at the press conference ‘Broadcasting Council and Challenges of the Election Campaign’ on 26 September 2019.

According to BC member Lidia Viziru, such approach is applied by the BC for the first time and she explained how this initiative came about. ‘For the first time ever the BC monitors on the basis of Article 70(12) of the Electoral Code - only national broadcasters. I want to make it clear. Previously, BC opted for monitoring the main newscasts as the number of national providers was large – 16-17. Now BC has the possibility to monitor these TV channels 24/7 as the number of national providers is lower’ said Lidia Viziru.

In his turn, BC chair mentioned that he chose this formula in order to comply with the Electoral Code, which states that the regulator should submit reports on monitoring of coverage of elections by national broadcasters to the CEC, and the list of these channels was approved by the BC in August. He also motivated this initiative by the fact that the authority has a limited number of monitors and limited opportunities to evaluate more broadcasters.

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BC member Veronica Cojocaru criticised the BC initiative and stated that she would request the monitoring of 16 TV channels, as in the previous elections. ‘It is a precedent and for the first time when BC members do not decide which TV channels to monitor during the election campaign. I request the monitoring of all the TV channels that were monitored during the previous election campaign’, said Veronica Cojocaru during the meeting. She added that she would submit a complaint to the BC Chancellery.

Vicol said that both BC members and ordinary people will be able to notify violations made  by other TV channels during the election campaign. 

The six media service providers will be monitored round-the-clock, not just during the main newscasts, as previously. The monitoring are to be held for ten days, in the following periods: Radio Moldova and Radio Moldova Youth (20-29 September); Moldova 1 and Moldova 2 – 30 September-9 October; Prime TV and Channel 2 – 10-20 October.