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"Divided by two" (orig. `Împărțit la doi” ): women from the public administration vs gender prejudices

07 June 2017
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Though the number of women with leading positions in the public administration has considerably increased, they continue to be represented insufficiently. How do women holding managerial functions public institutions face difficulties and what are the tendencies in this system regarding the gender equality? – Find out in the fourth edition of the programme "Divided by two" (orig. "Împărțit la doi"). 

Veronica Herta, director of S.A. "Apa-Canal", and Nina Ivanes, Mayor of Varvareuca for 22 years, are two women who are not impeded by gender-based prejudice to ensure the proper functioning of the institutions governed by them.

We remind you, that starting April, CIJ is working on the "Divided by two" program cycle, aiming to bring to the attention of the large audiencemultiple aspects of the gender issues  and to present positive models of men and women implication in dicerse spheres of life.

The "Divided by Two" shows are being made within the "Press Equalizes Gender!" (orig. "Presa echilibrează genul!") campaig, implemented by the Centre for Independent Journalism with the financial support from Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency, through the Swedish Embassy to Chisinau.