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Divided by Two: Education for Gender Equality – at School or at Home?

10 January 2018
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The girls are in pink, the boys are in blue. Dolls for ones; toy cars for others. Just from the first years of life, parents emphasize the gender differences of their descendants, which eventually lead to stereotypes and limit a free development of children regardless of the gender to which they belong.

Learn more from the new episode of the Divided by Two show on how parents and the education system may cultivate the lifetime habits of a young generation without gender stereotypes.

To remind you that since April, the IJC releases a series of shows entitled Divided by Two, with a purpose to draw attention of the general public to various aspects of gender issues and to present positive models of women and men participation in various spheres of life. All the shows that have been released so far may be found at the IJC portal at, under the heading Shows.

The Divided by Two shows are a part of the Media for Gender Balance! campaign, conducted by the Independent Journalism Center with the financial support of the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency, through the intermediary of the Swedish Embassy to Chisinau.