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With a Delay of Three Months, the Supervisory Board Announced a Call for Filling the Position of ‘Teleradio-Moldova’ Executive Director

15 October 2019
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The Supervisory Board (SB) announced about the publication in the Official Gazette, on 11 October, of the notice concerning the organization of the contest for filling the position of Executive Director of ‘Teleradio-Moldova’ Public Company (TRM). We recall that according to the law this contest was supposed to take place in the first half of the year, and for exceeding this term the Broadcasting Council (BC) voted, previously, the proposal to dismiss the current composition of the SB.

Thus, during 15 working days the candidates for the position of Executive Director of TRM will be able to submit the files for participation in the contest. To do this, they must have the citizenship of the Republic of Moldova, to have higher education, have a knowledge of Romanian and a language of international circulation, have a minimum of ten years of work in the media and a minimum of five years of work in audiovisual. In addition, the candidates must submit the management project for the development of ‘Teleradio-Moldova’ PI for 2019-2026.

The winner of the contest for the position of Executive Director will be considered the person who will receive at least 2/3 of the votes of the total number of SB members.

According to the Audiovisual Media Services Code, the Executive Director of the ‘Teleradio-Moldova’ PI is appointed on the basis of a contest, for a seven year term.

Both the Broadcasting Council and the Parliamentary Committee for Mass-media, as well as the media experts, found that the SB was lagging behind with the contest.

When asked by to comment on the delay of SB in announcing the contest for the position of TRM's Executive Director, the Executive Director of the Association of Independent Press (API), Petru Macovei, stressed that the six-month term provided by the law expired three months ago and that “this shows the inefficiency of the SB in the current composition”. In his opinion, the SB members “should resign, because they tacitly supported the national public provider during the critical period of June this year and did not honor their obligation to elect the TRM Executive Director within half of year”.

Previously, the Broadcasting Council voted for the proposal to dismiss all the members of the current composition of the SB, including, for not implementing the provisions “on the appointment of the Executive Director”. The SB Chair, Nicolae Spataru, said that the BC decision was unlawful.