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Declaration of media NGOs regarding the threats of Mayor of Orhei against journalists.

20 July 2018
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Media non-governmental organisations are concerned about the threatening statements made against journalists by Ilan Șor, Mayor of Orhei and chairman of ‘Şor’ political party, which were published on Facebook.

In the video spot, the politician claims that, once he comes to power, he will apply an eventual lustration law in relation to the journalists ‘paid to write nasty things about people’ Ilan Shor made these statements on Friday, 20 July 2018, during a protest by his supporters. ‘Stop, you turd. I’ll fix you!’, he added, labelling the journalists with depreciatory designation ‘jurnaliughi’ (‘journo’)

We regret unappropriate and offensive tone of the politician in relation to the representatives of media outlets.

We urge persons with political functions to demonstrate calmness, common sense and not to resort to threats. We remind people who are dissatisfied with the work of a journalist or an editorial office, that they may complain to the Press Council. Also, such legal instruments as making of a prior application or bringing an action before the court may be used.

Freedom of press is one of the core values of democracy, but freedom of expression is the fundamental right enshrined in the Constitution, it is a right that must be respected especially by the persons who hold public positions, and, thus, should accept a greater degree of criticism on the part of mass media and public opinion in general. At the same time, threats and ultimatum-like tone against journalists may amount to an attempt to censor mass media, but censorship is illegal.
Center for Independent Journalism

Association of Independent Press

Association of Electronic Press

Center for Investigative Journalism

Press Freedom Committee  

Association of Independent TV Journalists

‘Acces-Info’ Center
Association of Investigative Reporters and Editorial Security