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The Civil Society Calls on the Interim Mayor of Chisinau to Ensure Media’s Access to the Meetings of Mayor’s Office

18 July 2019
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Making sure that meetings of Mayor’s Office remain public and providing the media and Chisinau inhabitants access to these meetings, as well as other requirements, are stated in a call signed by a civic activists’ group and several NGOs and published on Thursday, 18 July, on website. We remind that previously, a group of media NGOs called on the interim mayor of capital, Adrian Talmaci, to review his decision and ensure media representatives’ free access to the working meetings.

The call signatories are worried about the decision of the new interim mayor and believe in the pre-election period this could encourage abuses by the local public authorities. ‘At the same time, we are worried that interim mayor’s decision could create a precedent that subsequent authorities will use to limit the Chisinau inhabitants’ access to information of public interest’, the call states.

The signatory organisations asked Adrian Talmaci and Mayor’s Office management to make sure that meetings of Mayor’s Office remained public and accessible to the media and people (by inviting some media specialising in live broadcasts, such as or by organising own live broadcasts. They also asked that citizens be informed in due time about the time, venue and agenda of Mayor’s Office meetings, and have access to the reports submitted by the officials.

Civil society representatives expressed their desire to publicly discuss this issue with representatives of Mayor’s Office and the interim mayor.
Note that previously, media NGOs qualified such decision as abusive and asked the Municipal Council of Chisinau Mayor’s Office and Congress of Local Authorities from Moldova to take action in order to immediately and unconditionally solve this issue.
The Independent Journalism Center requested a copy of the decision signed by the interim mayor, but Vasile Chirilescu, Mayor’s Office spokesperson, informed that the decision had been taken verbally only.