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Civic Activist Ghenadie Brega Announced He Requested Political Asylum in Iceland for Personal Security Reasons

29 September 2017
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Civic activist and journalist Ghenadie Brega said he had asked for political asylum in Iceland, believing that his life and freedom are in danger. Brega is worried about the pressure he faces, according to him, from Moldovan authorities.

The journalist wrote on his Facebook page that the Chisinau police had entered him into the national wanted list and that there is an arrest order on him. This decision, according to the activist, is based on a criminal case filed on his name when he was investigating an alleged case of abuse of office by a state employee.

Brega claims that during the investigation he was attacked by the deputy head of the Centru district of Chisinau, Vasile Uratu, and that the activist only reacted to the alleged actions of the public official. “My instinctive defense response has been categorized as an attempt to disturb the activity of the Centru district’s administration, and a lawsuit was filed against me under article 287 paragraph 1 of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Moldova, for Hooliganism. At the same time, my complaint has not been examined yet. At the criminal investigation stage, I made statements related to the case. Several months later, without warning me of being accused, I was entered into the wanted list,” wrote Brega on social networking websites.

The incident took place in January 2017 at the office of the Centru district administration in Chisinau and resulted in the public official having a finger broken. In his turn, the official said he was physically assaulted by the civic activist.
Ghenadie Brega also says he is worried that in case of eventual detention his life will be jeopardized, and mentioned as example the latest widely known case – the death of Andrei Braguta.

The activist also believes that the possible intention of the law enforcement authorities to deprive him of freedom is related to the wish of the journalist's brother, Oleg Brega, to run as a candidate in parliamentary elections. “The persecutions intensified also after my brother Oleg Brega entered the electoral race to become an MP in the Moldovan Parliament and got more votes than any other independent candidate ever in the history of Moldova, but not enough to join the Parliament,” Ghenadie Brega wrote.

Asked by Media Azi to give more details about the activist’s statements, Chisinau police press officer Natalia Stati said she would provide the required information after further investigation of what had happened. Later, she did not answer the phone call of our editorial staff.
(UPDATE) Later, the General Police Inspectorate came up with details in connection with Ghenadie Brega’s statements. Police representatives confirmed that Ghenadie Brega is accused in a criminal case under article 287 paragraph 1 of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Moldova, for Hooliganism. The police specified that on January 19, 2017 Ghenadie Brega “displayed inappropriate behavior and physically assaulted the deputy head of the institution” at the office of the Centru district administration in Chisinau. Currently, according to the police, the case is under investigation in order to determine the circumstances in which the incident occurred and possible legal framing.
“Because after countless summonses based on law citizen Ghenadie Brega did not appear at the criminal investigation body, he was entered into the international wanted list. It is a measure provided for by law and it is applied to any citizen who refuses to act on legal summons,” says the police press release.