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The Broadcasting Coordination Council Issued a Public Warning Against a TV Station for Not Having a Second Source of Information for a Piece of News

03 October 2018
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BTV Channel from Balti was sanctioned by the Broadcasting Coordination Council because it broadcast a piece of news about a conflict without having had the opinion of the second source.

The members of the Broadcasting Coordination Council issued a public warning, at the meeting of the 28th of September, against BTV Channel for failing to observe the principle of information from multiple sources in dealing with subjects about conflicts. BTV allowed a person name in the coverage the company that has allegedly connected illegally to the water supply system without having given the company the chance to respond.

Ivan Rotari, CEO of Codru-Nord company named in the coverage, filed a complaint with the BCC, following which the Balti TV Channel was sanctioned. The BTV representatives explained in their letter to the BCC that the name of the Codru-Nord company was mentioned by Veaceslav Oserbaev – the Chief Engineer of Apa-Canal Balti.

The Codru-Nord company representatives complained about the piece of news broadcast by BTV in early August arguing that the coverage in which the company was accused of having fraudulently used water by illegally installed pipes was calumnious. In the said coverage, Veaceslav Oserbaev mentioned the name of the company during a meeting at Balti City Hall.
Ivan Rotari demanded that BTV be sanctioned. Codru-Nord also sent a preliminary letter to BTV requesting it to repair the damages to the image of the company.
Rodica Deleu, Director of BTV, answered BCC that Codru-Nord was mentioned on BTV during a live transmission of a meeting at Balti City Hall regarding public utilities. According to BTV, the hypothesis of the alleged water theft by the petitioner was provided by Veaceslav Oserbaev as an answer to the Mayor’s question about whether the person connected illegally to the drinking water reservoir of Apa-Canal was found or not.
Rodica Deleu went on to say that Ivan Rotari had filed a complaint against BTV with Balti Municipality Prosecutor’s Office too. Rodica Deleu was heard on this case by the police on the 15th of September. The police officer told them that they were looking into facts on which to base the accusation of calumny, as provided for in the Contravention Code. ‘We regard this as harassment against an opposition TV Channel, as we were fulfilling our job duties of broadcasting information that is of major public interest. They want us to stop our journalistic investigation about water theft’ said R. Deleu.

Following a qualitative analysis, the BCC monitoring report specified that only one source was used for the said coverage, and thus, not all parties had the time and space to share their points of view.