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Accent TV Became the ‘First in Moldova’. The BC approved the request of the TV channel to change its name and to rebroadcast the content of ‘Pervii Kanal’

21 October 2019
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The Broadcasting Council (BC) approved, during the meeting of 21 October, the request of the TV channel Accent TV, affiliated with PSRM, to change its name in ‘First in Moldova’ on the ground that it obtained the contract for rebroadcasting the channel ‘Pervii Kanal’ from Moscow. The decision was unanimously approved by six members of the BC present at the meeting. Note that the TV channel PRIME TV from Moldova that is owned by the former leader of the Democratic Party, Vlad Plahotniuc, is currently rebroadcasting the content of ‘Pervii Kanal’.

The Accent TV administrator – Stanislav Vijga, announced during the meeting that the broadcaster signed the contract with the TV channel ‘Pervii Kanal’ and that the broadcasting grid was developed.

The BC member, Lidia Viziru, wanted to find out how would the channel observe the legal provisions according to which 50% of the television services, audiovisual programs bought from abroad must come from EU Member States and/or third states participatory in the European Convention on Transfrontier Television. Stanislav Vijga answered that the TV channel negotiates with agents from the European states in this regard and that ‘Pervii Kanal’ has several contracts in this regard.

Viziru added that the only risk she sees in this case is that the same content will be broadcast simultaneously by two broadcasters, as PRIME TV also broadcasts the content of ‘Pervii Kanal’. The head of the Division for Licensing and Authorization of the BC, Nicolai Dastic, said that he requested from PRIME TV the information from the contract concluded with the Russian TV channel, but did not receive an answer. Dastic specified that both contracts signed by ‘Pervii Kanal’ with Accent TV and PRIME TV are not exclusive, meaning that both TV channels, hypothetically, can broadcast this content.

New version PRIME TV.

It should be mentioned that PRIME TV has been using a new logo for some time, which was approved in today's meeting and for which it was sanctioned with MDL 5,000 for not announcing the BC about using another logo.

Old version PRIME TV.

Previously, the Newsmaker portal wrote, citing its own sources, that PRIME TV channel intended to give up the analog frequency from 1 August, but according to ‘Radiocomunicatii’ SOE, it would have changed its mind.

Previously, the State Duma in Moscow urged ‘Pervi Kanal’ to terminate its contracts with PRIME TV channel, after the adoption of the Anti-propaganda Law and the expulsion of several groups of Russian journalists at the Chisinau airport.

PRIME TV is one of the most popular TV channels in the Republic of Moldova, both according to the company’s audience and sociological surveys.

Note that Accent TV channel’s beneficiary is Vadim Ciubara, owner of Media Invest Service (Медиа Инвест Сервис OOO – 100%), about whom RISE Moldova investigation journalists wrote that he was ‘the shadow adviser’ to the President Igor Dodon.