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ACC Announced a new Contest for the Position of an OC Member

08 August 2017
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The Audiovisual Coordination Council (ACC) announced on Friday, August 4th, a new contest for the function of an Observers Council (OC) member of the National Public Broadcaster (NPB)  "Teleradio-Moldova" (TRM), after having a vacancy left and picking up only two members at the previous contest. Also another contest ended previous week for the position of director of the national TV channel Moldova 1, at which three candidates submitted their dossiers.

The contest for the third vacant position of an OC member is valid untill August 21st of the current year. The public audiences and the selection of candidates will take place within the public meetings of the ACC, which are going to be held no later than within 20 days for the expiration of the deadline for documents' submition, as stated in a communique published on the institution's website.
Candidates who are citizens of the Republic of Moldova and have studies in one of the following fields: culture, arts, cinematography, journalism, law, financial and business administration, public relations, international relations, academic field, and/or engineering can aplly for the position of member of the CO. The candidates shoul know the state language of the Republic of Moldova and should have no criminal records.

The position is not compatible with the status of a parliamentary, member of the Government or of ACC; with the position of direct/indirect holder of shares or parts of the statutory funds of commercial organizations whose activities fall under conflict of interests with the position of an OC member; with the status of employee at the NBP or another radio or TV station; with the quality of being a party member.

We mention that the three positions of OC members became vacant since last October. In April 2017 the Parliamentary Commission on culture, education, research, youth, sport and media appointed only two candidates, because the third one did not receive enough votes.
Also the deadline for application for the position of director of the Moldova 1 TV station expired. Three candidates took part at the contest: Ecaterina Stratan, Director of the Departament for News and Debates of the Moldova 1 TV channel, who took over the interim director position since July; Sergiu Praporschic, employee of the Sputnik-Moldova and George Iosip, past employee, till April 2017, at General Media Group, press holding owned by the leader of the DPM, Vlad Plahotniuc.
The position of director of Moldova 1 bacame vacant after Mircea Surdu announced his resignation at the  end of June.