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“Super TV” Channel Changes Name Into “FAMILIA DOMASHNIY”. Mariana Onceanu Hadarca: “The phrase is a calque…”

07 March 2017
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The Broadcasting Coordinating Council (BCC) at its meeting on March 7 publicly warned the “Ren Moldova” TV channel for derogation from the rules on the classification of audiovisual programs to protect children. At the same meeting, the majority of BCC members accepted the name change from “Super TV” to “FAMILIA DOMASHNIY”.
Following a notification and some 17 hours and 30 minutes monitoring by the BCC of the shows, movies, etc., broadcast by “Ren Moldova”, they found violation of Articles 12 and 13 of Decision No. 98 of the BCC, referring to the classification of audiovisual shows to protect children. “The situation with Ren Moldova, in my opinion, is more serious, because it airs propaganda for hours,” noted the BCC member Olga Gututui. Thus, the BCC members voted unanimously to penalize “Ren Moldova” with public warning. Moreover, the broadcasting regulator will continue monitoring the channel.

At the meeting of March 7, the BCC also approved a channel’s name change – from “Super TV” to “FAMILIA DOMASHNIY”, as well as a new concept of the channel’s programs. In the discussion on this topic the BCC members had different opinions. Mariana Onceanu-Hadarca pointed out: “The phrase ‘FAMILIA DOMASHNIY’ is a calque, it is a mistake, and we cannot promote it as a channel’s name.” The BCC member Dragos Vicol did not share this opinion and suggested to the channel’s representatives: “Write the name in Cyrillic script and then there will be no problems!”

The BCC member Olga Gututui objected to the channel’s concept, underlining that its only information and analysis programs are 5 weather forecasts 5 days a week.

Another BCC member, Iurie Colesnic, supported the broadcaster: “Economy-wise, Moldova is now in a very delicate situation. All those people who try to do television have not enough money, advertising doesn’t work, money doesn’t come, and they are forced to seek solutions.”

With 7 votes in favor and 2 votes against (Mariana Onceanu-Hadarca and Olga Gututui), the name and the concept of the channel were approved.