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“Media Azi” Show, 63rd Edition: Mandatory Domestic Product – BCC Findings

30 November 2017
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Since October 1, Moldovan broadcasters are obliged to air at least eight hours of domestic products, of which 6 are to be aired in prime time, and four in Romanian. How do broadcasters comply with these new legal provisions?
This issue is discussed in the 63rd edition of the “Media Azi” [Media Today] show by Independent Journalism Center Executive Director Nadine Gogu as host of the show and her guests – Dragos Vicol, Chairman of the Broadcasting Coordinating Council (BCC), and Ion Bunduchi, Executive Director of the Electronic Press Association.
Participants addressed several aspects of the issue: how broadcasters used the grace period they had between April 1 and October 1, 2017 to prepare the amount of domestic products required by law; what the BCC found after the first monitoring of stations, which took place this November; and, last but not least, on what criteria the BCC based its decision to sanction only some of the televisions that failed to comply with the law.
From the show you can also find out how Dragos Vicol explains the fact that the stations belonging to Democratic Party leader Vlad Plahotniuc were not sanctioned by the BCC, although they did not ensure the amount of domestic content required by law. Further, you can hear to what extent the establishment of a mandatory quota of domestic products could reduce the amount of propaganda materials broadcast by televisions.

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