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“Media Azi” Show, 56th Edition: Access to Information – What Legal Leverage Do Journalists Have to Defend This Right?

02 October 2017
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A photojournalist was not allowed to attend a press conference of the Moldovan president. A TV station’s crew was not allowed to attend the congress of a political party… These are not isolated cases in Moldova. What legal leverage do journalists have to defend their right to participate in events of public interest?
This issue is discussed in the 56th edition of the “Media Azi” [Media Today] show by journalist Nicolae Negru, host of the show, and lawyer Tatiana Puiu, representative of Freedom House in Moldova. From the show you can find out if those who prohibit media representatives to cover events of public interest can be sanctioned in Moldova and what journalists should do if this right guaranteed by the Constitution, is violated against them. You can also see what Freedom House studies say about the situation of journalists in Moldova in terms of access to information.
Furthermore, you can learn how the working group in Parliament to improve media legislation could contribute to improving the media’s access to information.


“Media Azi” broadcast is weekly produced by the Independent Journalism Center. It is intended to disclose the problems faced at present by the journalists of the domestic media and to identify solutions to hem. The broadcast may be viewed on the websites,  Media Azi and Mediacritica, as well as on the Youtube channel of the Independent Journalism Center. The broadcast was produced with the financial support of the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency, provided by the means of the Embassy of Sweden in Chisinau.


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