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‘Fake or Fact?’ – The IJC Helps Journalists and Media Consumers Detect Fake News

02 April 2018
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The Independent Journalism Center launched  the online workshop ‘Fake or Fact?’  to support journalists and media consumers and help them check facts and respectively fight fake news, a phenomenon which exploded together with the social media development.

The workshop is supported by the Lithuanian media education expert Solvita Denisa-Liepniece, who will present a number of online tools and platforms which will be used to identify fake information.

Journalists and media consumers will learn how to check the archive of a news portal or who has registered a site that publishes false information. During the workshop the expert will explain, among other things, the steps which have to be taken to follow the activity of a person on facebook or will teach how we can see, using a particular key word, which Tweets were posted in a certain area on a certain subject.

The workshop is designed in three parts, which will introduce the terms and traps of the fake news phenomenon, the information documentation and verification platforms and tools, as well as a number of legitimation strategies, which help media consumers understand better how they can be manipulated.

The IJC encourages users to take a test to verify their skills and knowledge of identifying fake photos by accessing the following link from the video description.
The online workshop is organized by IJC in partnership with Internews under the ‘Mass-media supports democracy, inclusion and responsibility in Moldova (MEDIA-M)’, project financed by USAID. The MEDIA-M project aims to promote the development of independent and professional media in Moldova, giving citizens access to a broad range of perspectives and contributing to the creation of a more resistant to political and financial pressures media sector.