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BATI: How Audience Data are Studied and Used
Many heard of the Circulations and Internet Audit Office (BATI), but few know how this organization works and what falls under its competencies. During the ‘Media Azi’ Talk Show the journalist Vladimir Thorik has a discussion with the Head of BATI Stanislav Popov and comes with... more
Hidden Advertising – In Whose Interest Is It?
A media outlet, in order to become a business, should broadcast as much advertising as possible. However, advertising materials differ completely from the journalistic ones. The former express certain interests (economic or political) of the customer... more
Media Azi: Room for Abuse in the New Draft Law on Personal Data Protection?
As citizens, we want our personal data to be protected. Weren’t we all outraged when we found out about the Facebook-Cambridge Analytica scandal, when the privacy of more than 50 million FB users was breached?
The Image of Women in the Press: How Do We Fight Traditionalist and Sexist Prejudices?
Why do women, compared to men, appear rarer on television when discussing politics, economics, and finance? Why don’t most media give equal access to women and men in news and programmes, and are not concerned with ensuring gender equality?  Why does the press perpetuate... more
‘Fake or Fact?’ – The IJC Helps Journalists and Media Consumers Detect Fake News
The Independent Journalism Center launched  the online workshop ‘Fake or Fact?’  to support journalists and media consumers and help them check facts and... more
Social Networks: Opportunities and Risks for the Media
How to better promote media products on social networks? Which formats on these networks are more appropriate for the Republic of Moldova, so that media institutions could expand their audience?

The journalist Vladimir Thorik and his guest, Alexandr Kantler, social media... more

A group of journalists learned to ‘pack’ the information in order to attract the attention of readers
  ‘What does the visual hierarchy mean, how do we group and organize the information, what does the success of visual communication depend on?’, are just a few of the questions the participants tried to answer during the training “Data Visualisation – How to Make the Monotonous... more