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The School of Advanced Journalism Announces Admission for a New Academic Year
Do you want to work in television, host a radio show or launch a portal with the most qualitative news? Maybe you want to create a newspaper or a magazine? If your answer is “Yes!”, we are waiting for you at the best place to lay the foundation of a career in the media... more
“Media Azi” Show, 34th Edition: Red Lines for Journalists
Every profession has some ethical standards: builders must use quality materials, otherwise their buildings can break down; doctors must treat all patients, regardless of their political beliefs or gender differences, for example, for which they take the Hippocratic Oath. But... more
“Media Azi” Broadcast, 33rd Edition: What Is the Cost of Access to Information?
Moldovan journalists have to pay to obtain much of the information they use to prepare investigations, because public institutions, such as the State Registration Chamber (SRC) or the “Cadastru” public company, provide access to their databases only for a fee.
The IJC Supports the International Federation of Journalists Appeal to Support Gender Equity
The Independent Journalism Center (IJC) supports the Appeal of the International Federation of Journalists (IFJ), released on the occasion of the International... more
The IJC Launched an Interactive Game, “MediaErudit”
Did you ever wonder what it feels like to be in the shoes of a television producer? What about the shoes of a radio reporter? What do you think a newspaper’s editor-in-chief does the entire day long? Now, you have an opportunity to try all these jobs first hand!

The... more

In connection with the information published on Thursday, February 23, by several media outlets, about the director of the Independent Journalism Center (IJC) joining a new media project, we are making the following explanation:

Neither the IJC director, nor the IJC are part... more

The Independent Journalism Center Announces the Results of the “Moldova Plus” Multimedia Package Authors Contest
The Independent Journalism Center (IJC) has named the winners of the contest for selection of authors of “Moldova Plus” multimedia packages, which will be produced within the “Strengthening Independence in Communication Media in Moldova, Georgia and Ukraine” project.
IJC Report: Media Manipulation Continues, Although Its Intensity Decreased After Elections
In the post-election period, violation of ethical standards and use of manipulation techniques decreased in intensity compared with 2016. However, they did not totally disappear, and top violation was omission, the technique broadly used by journalists to avoid covering some... more