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“Media Azi” Broadcast, 37th Edition: New Drone Regulations?
The use of drones by journalists may be limited to specifically reserved areas. This provision was included into the new Air Code, voted in first reading by the Parliament. The issues of how these devices could be used and the concerns of the media regarding drone regulation are... more
Media Organizations Condemn the Pursuit of Editor-in-Chief and Demand Immediate Investigation by Competent Authorities
Media organizations are concerned about the statements of journalist Vladimir Soloviev that appeared on Wednesday, April 5, in his editorial “How Moldovan Journalists Are Spied On” on Russian-language portal... more
Young People’s Conclusion about Sources of Information: “All That Glitters Is Not Gold”
An informed person is a strong person – this was the leitmotif of the two media literacy lessons organized by the Independent Journalism Center (IJC) on April 4 in the villages of Todiresti and Mereni in Anenii Noi district. These activities were attended by over 50 young people... more
IJC Campaign: “Media for gender balance!”
The Independent Journalism Center (IJC) launches a series of activities to promote gender equality within the framework of the “Media for gender balance” campaign. The aim is to spread positive models of activities involving equal participation of women and men and to combat... more
“Media Azi” Broadcast, 36th Edition: About the Professional Solidarity of Journalists
Is there solidarity in the journalistic community of Moldova? Moderator Nicolae Negru and his guest, acting president of the Union of Journalists of Moldova Valeriu Saharneanu, tried to answer this question in the 36th edition of the “Media Azi” broadcast.
Involvement and Development Opportunities for Young People from Rezina
On March 28, students of “Alexandru cel Bun” lyceum in Rezina participated in an European Café organized by the Independent Journalism Center. At the event, young people learned about the opportunities to engage in non-formal education activities at local, national and... more
We Condemn the Detention of the Film Crew of News Portal and We Urge Authorities To Take Action Against the People Who Intimidated Journalists
Media organizations are concerned about detention by Ciadir-Lunga town law enforcement of a team of journalists from news portal while they were at a protest of the town's drivers on Sunday, March 26.

The cameraman and the driver of the portal were transported... more

Study on the Main Russian Propaganda Stereotypes Promoted in the Media of Eastern Partnership Countries
In the period of 6 June to 3 July 2016, several media organizations – the Independent Journalism Center (Moldova), the Press Club of Yerevan (Armenia), in partnership with Internews Ukraine, MEMO 98 (Slovakia), the Council of the Journalistic Ethics Charter of Georgia, the... more