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The TV Show "The Media Today" (orig. "Media Azi"), 51st edition: Is the Moldova 1 TV Channel really a public service?
The "Teleradio-Moldova" company carries currently out the process of selecting the general director of the Moldova 1 TV channel. To what extent does Moldova 1 activate as a public television channel and what should the new director do for it to really serve the public?  – The... more
CIJ research: The quality of local journalism is appreciated with a medium mark by the representatives of the press
A recently performed by the experts of the Centre for Independent Journalism (CIJ) study analyzes, in figures, the opinion of the press towards press. The study was performed based... more
Moldova’s Media at Crossroads 2017
Freedom House Seeks Proposals for Policy Brief Series

Freedom House seeks proposals from independent researchers, scholars, and affiliated research analysts based in Moldova, the Eastern Partnership region, Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia for forward-looking briefs on the... more

CIJ has Launched a Multimedia Package Moldova Plus ”Migration”
Migration and how it influences Moldova, as well as its inhabitants and those who left abroad, are some of the subjects raised in a series of multimedia materials launched by CIJ in a briefing on July 27th. At the event had taken part the authors of materials - Agora team and... more
“Divided by Two”: Paternal leave
In our society usually mothers take care of raising children. In order to make fathers more active in the process of child education, for about a year there is a new term appeared in the family dictionary as well as in the Labour Code - that of paternal leave. Igor Muntean is... more
CIJ has Trained the First Generation of Teachers for the Teach of an Optional Course Education for Media
Centre fot Independent Journalism (CIJ) has trained 35 teachers of the primary stage, who will teach the optional course Education for Media. The training included two groups of teachers and took part on July 25-27; July 28-30, at Chisinau. As trainers acted the authors of the... more
“Media Azi” Show, 50th edition: How fair is it for SCM members to point the finger at journalists?
The attitude of the Superior Council of Magistracy (SCM) towards journalist Mariana Rata, who was publicly reprimanded at a meeting of the SCM for an error in an investigation caused by limited access to documents on the web portal of courts, is the topic of the 50th edition of... more
We condemn the discriminatory practices of restricting media representatives’ access to events of public interest
Media NGOs condemn the increasingly frequent restrictions imposed by State authorities on access of the press to events of public interest.
Thus, on Wednesday, July 26, photojournalist Constantin Grigorita was not allowed to attend President Igor Dodon’s meeting... more