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“Media Azi” Broadcast, 41st Edition: Subtle Mechanisms of Manipulation at Subconscious Level
The host of this edition of the Media Azi show, Nadine Gogu, Executive Director of the Independent Journalism Center, and her guest, researcher Aneta Gonta, wondered: How does it happen that although we realize we can be manipulated, we still become victims of media manipulation... more
The Needs and Problems of the Media, Identified in a Study of the IJC
Lack of funds, financial and/or political dependency, and lack of qualified personnel are the main problems currently faced by the Moldovan media. They are followed by the lack of press freedom, unfair competition, unfair advertising and issues related to access to information,... more
"Media Azi" Broadcast, 40th Edition: Whither Does the Moldovan Press Go?
Without being free, the press cannot fulfill its role of informing and of being the watchdog of society. But what is freedom of the press? How can we tell whether the media is free or not free? In the context of the World Press Freedom Day, journalist Nicolae Negru as moderator... more
Press Conference Launching Press Freedom Days: "If we keep this course, we will again get into the group of countries where the press is not free"
Between May 3, 2016 and May 3, 2017 Moldovan media mostly regressed, with old problems still there. Concentration in the media, faulty legal framework, limited access to information, interference of politics with the work of the Broadcasting Coordinating Council (BCC) and with... more
Another World Press Freedom Day with the Same "Old" Issues
Several journalists and civil society representatives were picketing at the Parliament of Moldova on Wednesday, May 3. The event was initiated by the Independent Journalism Center (IJC) and was occasioned by the World Press Freedom Day. The participants aimed to show MPs that... more
"Media Azi" Broadcast, 39th Edition: Why Don't Authorities Take Note of Journalistic Investigations?
Journalists, especially those who do investigations, wish their work to be taken into consideration by law enforcement in clear cases of corruption and conflicts of interest. Often, however, their reaction is late.
To what extent may journalists hope that the... more
IJC Report: More Severe Forms of Information Manipulation Have Been Found, and Journalists are Engaged in Propaganda Campaigns
“In the period of February to April 2017, new and more severe forms of information manipulation – truncation of statements, distortion of the message and quoting out of context – and propaganda have been found, which is usually characteristic of election periods.