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Media NGOs Demand the Superior Council of Magistracy to Take Action on the Decision of the Supreme Court of Justice on GRT Dismissals

Media NGOs dispute the decision of the Supreme Court of Justice (SCJ) of 12 September 2018, ruling in favor of Comrat People’s Assembly (PAG), thus legalizing the new membership of the Gagauziya Radio... more

Media Azi: How Does a Journalist Protect Himself/Herself during a Protest that Degenerates into Violence?
A number of journalists complained that they have been verbally or physically assaulted during some recent protests, by either the protesters or the bodyguards of certain politicians. What due diligence measures should journalists take to reflect... more
Media NGOs Condemn PDM’s Use of Different Standards to Journalists

Media NGOs are concerned about restricting the access of TV8 journalists at the meeting of the National Political Council of the Democratic Party of Moldova on Friday, 14 September, on the grounds that the broadcaster’s editorial policy would interfere with PDM’s leadership.... more

Independent Journalism Center Provides Legal Aid for Victor Sofroni
The Independent Journalism Center (IJC) provides legal aid to Victor Sofroni, one of the founders of Rezina's weekly independent newspaper ‘Cuvântul’ [The Word’] and director of ‘ImpulsTV’ from Soldanesti. The journalist filed a complaint with the court against the order on the... more
Video Spot // Journalists to Officials and Civil Servants: ‘Stop Ignoring the Requests for Information. The Citizens Who Pay Your Salaries Need It!’
The restricted access to public information still remains a problem for the journalists from the Republic of Moldova. The Independent Journalism Center (IJC) decided to notify the authorities again, launching this time a video spot where a number of journalists warn the civil... more
Media Azi: Career in Journalism – ‘Survival Guidelines’ for Beginners
The faculties of journalism continue to attract young people. What are the reasons for choosing this profession, and how does it happen that, after graduation, very few of them stay to work in the media realm? Journalist Ivan Sveatcenko discusses this topic with Natalia Sergheev... more
Media NGOs condemn the deliberate obstruction of journalists’ work on reflecting the events of 26-27 August

Media non-governmental organisations condemn the abuse of people that obstructed journalists from multiple media outlets to reflect the events happening in the Great National Assembly Square (PMAN) on 26 and 27 August, related to the protests and marking of Moldova’s 27 years... more

Media Azi: The material about an abused child, seen in black by the BCC and in white by journalists
The BCC warned four TV channels for failing to respect the child's right when they broadcast an interview with the father of the alleged victim the identity of whom they revealed. On the other hand, journalists believe that they acted correctly and defended the minor's best... more