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Monitoring Russian media: Putin in the news
To map the level of state-driven information and potential disinformation in the Russian media, a media monitoring team is following Russian media’s presidential campaign coverage more closely than most. The preliminary findings show that President Putin is given the bulk of...
How To Change Your Facebook Settings To Opt Out of Platform API Sharing
You shouldn't have to do this. You shouldn't have to wade through complicated privacy settings in order to ensure that the companies with which you've entrusted your personal information are making reasonable, legal efforts to protect it. But Facebook has allowed third parties...
Media literacy has become a center of gravity for countering “fake news,” and a diverse array of stakeholders – from educators to legislators, philanthropists to technologists – have pushed significant resources toward media literacy programs. Media literacy, however, cannot be...
Following Facebook's changes, publishers can use these strategies to overcome the loss of traffic
James Breiner

Now that Facebook has made clear that it will not be promoting journalism to its users there are several tactics and strategies that publishers can take to replace what they have lost (and will lose) from Facebook's pivot away from news.

1. A tactic:...

2018: Credibility will be the new currency for journalism

James Breiner Bilingual consultant, teacher, trainer in digital journalism

Editor's note: an earlier version of this post had typeface issues; my apologies.

An organization I work with that promotes development of independent media in Latin America,...

In Two-thirds of the European Countries Less than Four Owners Hold 80 per cent of the Media

Experts, politicians, journalists, editors and media freedom organisations from all over Europe met on Tuesday, 30 January, 2018 in Madrid, to discuss media ownership concentration and media pluralism.