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Case Studies: Disinformation and Manipulation in Mews on Public Events

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Several case studies produced in the period of May to November 2015 by the IJC revealed numerous violations of professional standards by journalists in writing news stories. They either used one source or adjectival language, betraying the authors’ attitude to what they write, or present the truth through the prism of political preferences. As a result, facts were distorted and media consumers were manipulated and misled.

The First Report on Monitoring Russian Televisions: “Manipulation, Propaganda and Disinformation are Heavy on the Daily Agenda”

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The Association of Independent Press (AIP) presented on Friday, April 28, the first report on monitoring the Russian televisions that are retransmitted on the territory of Moldova. The purpose of the monitoring was to analyze and publicly report on possible manipulation and information propaganda messages disseminated by the monitored media outlets with reference to the most important topics of the day at regional and international level.