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The Independent Journalism Center in Moldova promotes journalistic integrity, non-discrimination, and protection of citizens' freedoms. The Center constantly organizes local, regional, and national campaigns to promote these principles. In this section, we will keep you up to date with the most recent IJC campaigns and initiatives aimed at explaining the role of mass media to the population.

Video Production

Cetățenii trebuie să fie informați corect și obiectiv de către mass-media, iar jurnaliștii să aibă acces la orice informație de interes public - acesta este mesajul unei noi producții video lansate de Centrul pentru Ju

IJC campaign: For order and transparency in mass mediaCitizens have the right to know who owns media outlets, in order to be able to choose information consciously and not be manipulated by anonymous owners, who use the media for their personal interests – it is the message o

The Independent Journalism Center (IJC) is continuing the series of video materials illustrating the experience of different people that chose to build a future here, a


Campania „Presa nu urăște!”
Toleranța și responsabilitatea în presă sunt două elemente-cheie ale campaniei „Presa nu urăște!” lansate de Centrul pentru Jurnalism Independent în luna iulie.