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New production: The IJC launches cuMINTE, the only media literacy podcast in Moldova
On Tuesday, September 15, the Independent Journalism Center (IJC) launches the first media literacy podcast in Moldova – Podcast cuMinte. Starting with the first episode, which explains how disinformation is done during the pandemic, cuMINTE will...
IJC Continues the Media Literacy Lessons: Pupils from Gymnasium No 77 in Cricova Have Learned What Critical Thinking Is and Why Consuming Information Creatively Is Important
“Media Education is a revolutionary course which makes an important step towards welcoming students to a permanently changing world”, journalist Dumitru Stoianov said during a new media literacy lesson held on September 14 at Gymnasium No 77 for...
Several TV stations penalized by the BC for insufficiency of local audiovisual programs
The Broadcasting Council (BC) issued a public warning to three television stations for the insufficiency or lack of local audiovisual programs in Romanian. Another station was fined 5,000 lei because it did not dub films into Romanian. The penalties...
The reaction of TV stations after the Competition Council fined Casa Media 1.8 million lei
The administrations of at least three of the four television stations that complained to the Competition Council (CC) about an alleged cartel agreement between two advertising sales houses are dissatisfied with the authority’s decision to fine only...
From 20 to 3,000 euros. How much presidential candidates will pay for TV advertising
Prime TV, RTR Moldova, and Moldova 1 are asking for the highest prices for broadcasting electoral advertising at the presidential elections this fall, according to statements published on


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