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BATI: How Audience Data are Studied and Used
Many heard of the Circulations and Internet Audit Office (BATI), but few know how this organization works and what falls under its competencies. During the ‘Media Azi’ Talk Show the journalist Vladimir Thorik has a discussion with the Head of BATI...
In 2018, the Year of Elections, TV Channels Affiliated with the Democrats Will Expand Their Territorial Offices
A TV channel affiliated with the ruling Democratic Party (DP) has opened a local studio in Nisporeni Town. This is Canal 2 TV station, which formerly belonged to the DP President Vladimir Plahotniuc and is currently the property of his political...
Hidden Advertising – In Whose Interest Is It?
A media outlet, in order to become a business, should broadcast as much advertising as possible. However, advertising materials differ completely from the journalistic ones. The former express certain interests (economic or political) of the...
A Public Official from Bălți Complained to the Police that a Journalist Disclosed Personal Data in an Article
Serghei Strul, the Head of the State Labor Inspectorate from Bălți, filed an application to the police on April 5, 2018, claiming that the newspaper SP Bălți infriged the law on the protection of personal data in an investigation article regarding...
People’s Advocate for the Rights of the Child Is Concerned About the Exploitation of Children’s Images by Parties for Political Promotion
Ombudsman Maia Bănărescu has shared  the concerns of  the Press Council about the exploitation of children’s images for political promotion and about some journalists’ failure to respect children’s right to privacy and confidentiality, dignity, and...


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