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DOC // No press conferences with the participation of journalists at the Ministry of Health. Officials’ arguments
At the repeated requests of the Journalists’ Crisis Cell to resume online press conferences with the participation of the media, the representatives of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Social Protection (MHLSP) say that they will not do it.
Media NGOs Condemn the Attacks of the Lawyer Catalina Galusca Against the ‘SP’ Publication
Non-governmental media organizations condemn the unacceptable and dishonourable behaviour of the lawyer Catalina Galusca towards ‘SP’ journalists and urge the Ethics and Discipline Committee of the Moldova Lawyers’ Union to initiate a disciplinary...
EU Ambassador Peter Michalko: “If the BC does not live up to expectations, it becomes a completely untrustworthy institution”
Moldova should strengthen its capacity to counter disinformation and fake news, and any legislative changes should be made only through public consultations and compliance with standards on freedom of expression, says Peter Michalko, head of the...
New criticism of Teleradio-Moldova. A BC member after the presentation of the annual report of the public company: “Why does the audiovisual production of Moldova 1 feel archaic?”
Some members of the Broadcasting Council (BC) have criticized the work of the management of the public company Teleradio-Moldova (TRM) at a meeting on February 16, where they examined the company’s report for 2020 and the report of TRM’s Supervisory...
TRM Ombudsman: The programs Moldova în Direct, Butonul Roșu, and Bună Seara on Moldova 1 “show the same people”
The programs Moldova în Direct [Moldova Live], Butonul Roșu [Red Button], and Bună Seara [Good Evening] on the public television station Moldova 1 “invite the same protagonists” and cover “mainly political topics,” according to Carmelia Albu, the...


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