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The Mail Carriers Will Deliver the Pensions, But Not the Newspapers. The representatives of several periodicals demand solutions to this situation
The editorial offices of several periodicals claimed that the national operator, Posta Moldovei, stopped the provision of postal services for an indefinite period starting with 30 March. Media outlets were notified about this through an official...
A New BC Decision on How TV and Radio Broadcasters are to Inform the Public About COVID-19
At the meeting of 27 March 2020, the members of the Broadcasting Council (BC) adopted unanimously a new decision on how TV and radio journalists should cover the topics related to coronavirus pandemic.
Public Call Regarding the Provision Issued by the President of the Audiovisual Council
Media NGOs and the members of the National Platform of the Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum express their concern regarding the provision issued on the 25th of March by the president of the Audiovisual Council, Dragos VICOL, in the context of...
The BC Chair Cancelled His Own Decision on how Covid-19 was to be Tackled on Radio and TV
The Broadcasting Council (BC) Chair, Dragos Vicol, cancelled Decision No 2 on the way television and radio broadcasters were supposed to approach the coronavirus pandemic in their coverages.
#Covid-19. Media Managers Are Preparing for Hard Times and Financial Loss
While the audience of several news sites and television broadcasters in the Republic of Moldova grew significantly in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic, the editorial work was affected. The staff of online media outlets, for instance, work...


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