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Media NGOs Condemn Aggression against Journalists
Media NGOs are concerned about the inappropriate behavior of some employees of public institutions, who, under various pretexts, restrict journalists’ access to information and resort to acts of their intimidation.
International Conference in Chisinau: What Do We Do with Foreign Propaganda in Local Media?
How do we protect the information space from propaganda, both external and internal, and what could we learn in this field from other countries’ experience? The topic was debated at the “Media, Audience and Pluralism in the Republic of Moldova”...
Paid Content: The Future of Online Media… ?!

Victor Gotişan,
media researcher 
Media as business...
Why not (yet) in Moldova? Because…
“Divided by Two”: What Is Sexual Harassment and How Do We Fight It?
What if you are assaulted with compliments while in the street, at school, in college or even at your workplace? What is the difference between being courted and sexually harassed?
Tatiana Chebac, Promo LEX lawyer, is convinced that our...


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